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EMS Supervisor

City of Mascoutah
Mascoutah, IL Full time
Posted on August 17, 2017

City of Mascoutah


Title: EMS Lead Supervisor Department:

Public Safety Department Division: EMS Department (Non-Union)

Reports to: Public Safety Director

Status: Full-Time (Management position – covered by an individual employment contract with the City)

Supervision Duties: EMS Personnel


 Ability to perform managerial role, skills and functions as applied to the position

 Knowledge and comprehension of federal, state and local laws and policies in regards to; medical services, medical procedures and practices.

 Must be proficient in the use of computers, office equipment, related software and department equipment/tools.

 Thorough understanding of EMS department policy and functions.

 Possess skills and ability to handle medical emergencies in a professional manner.

 Satisfactorily complete supervisor training as assigned by director.

 Successfully complete six months probation.


 High school diploma or equivalent, Associates Degree preferred.

 Successfully complete State of Illinois, or a nationally accredited, Certified Paramedic training.

 At least three years related work experience.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES (other duties may be assigned):

 Lead Supervisor will be assigned to 24 hr. shifts, assigned to a two-man ambulance response crew.

 Shall be familiar with administrative policy and execute department objectives within area of responsibility.

 Exercise authority commensurate with positions responsibility.

 Promptly obey and transmit all legitimate orders, ensuring uniform interpretation and full compliance by all personnel.

 Enforce observance of high ethical standards in the performance and conduct of personnel under their command.

 Set an example to all subordinates in sobriety, dignity, courtesy, discretion, skill, diligence, and the observance of proper discipline.

  Knowledge of City affairs, area of assignment and be assured that the duties of subordinates are properly discharged.

 Conduct personnel evaluations when requested for all personnel assigned to their supervision and make recommendations thereto.

 The arrangement of employees as crew members.

 Direct, coordinate, and review a shift’s work plan.

 Maintain proper staffing levels.

 Prepare vehicle and equipment assignments.

 Promote fleet and personnel safety within area of responsibility, exerting every effort toward reduction of hazards and accidents.

 Maintenance of the facility and all usable equipment.

 Inventory and maintenance of all supplies and perishable materials necessary in completion of the job function.

 Participate in development/implementation of goals/policies.

 Distribute general orders, projects and policies.

 Promptly obey and transmit all legitimate orders and information, ensuring uniform interpretation and full compliance of subordinates.

 Maintain working relations and serve as liaison with other medical agencies and hospital facilities by coordinating activities with other crews, divisions, and agencies.

 Develop and implement public education programs.

 Act as liaison with city officials, community groups, etc.

 Shall keep current on the changes in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care.

 Promote development of personnel’s knowledge, ability, and confidence to make decisions that will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and reputation of the department.

 Advise the Director as to new technology and methods of performing this service.

 Provide for protection of life and property.

 Ensure all subordinates comply with department policy, rules, and regulations.

 Investigate and make recommendations concerning internal and external problems.

 Examine all reports to ensure that information is legible, complete, neat, accurate, and properly classified and shall approve and initial all reports prepared by his subordinates.

 Responsible for patient confidentially and release of information.

 Responsible for the method, timeliness, and level of medical care on all emergency calls received during their tour of duty.

 Notify the director of all serious incidents occurring during the tour of duty.

 Check attendance and punctuality of subordinates.

 Recognize deficiencies in uniform and/or personal equipment.

 Report, in writing, to the Director every case of misconduct, incompetence, neglect of duty and serious, or repeated violation of the rules and regulations.

 Assist in administrative (billing, receivables, clerical, payroll, data entry, etc.)

 Keep track of all non-drug items and non-hospital forms. Advise when supplies need ordered. Pagers, keys, pegs, and uniforms are included.

 Maintain lists of licenses, immunization records, OSHA rules, and Infection Control.

 Ensure proper scheduled vehicle maintenance, re-licensure on state and local level and general concerns pertaining to the ambulances.

 Follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Illinois and the Southwestern Illinois EMS System Protocols.

 Proper use of medical equipment, treatment, record keeping and procedures.

 Maintain hospital forms and daily inventory of all narcotics and medications to insure the correct stock level and comply with federally mandated documentation.

 Preparation and administration of all narcotics and medications at the appropriate dose and completion of all associated paperwork for replacement.

 Ensure employees are following and adhering to Department orders and protocols.

 Filing reports for accident or injury claims to the Director.

 Any other duties as assigned by Director.


 Valid Drivers License

 Region 4 Southwestern Illinois EMS System Certified Paramedic

 CPR Certification





 Ability to safely operate an emergency vehicle on a daily basis.

 Requires ability to stand, walk and sit for long periods of time.

 Requires ability to run, climb and reach minimally.

 Requires ability to carry 15 pounds of gear every day.

 Must be able to lift from floor to chest in excess of 100 pounds (stretcher), walking and going up and down stairs while carrying in excess of 100 pounds (stretcher).

 Requires ability to lift from floor to overhead storage (supplies)

 Requires the ability to control resistance patients during treatment or in emergency situations.


 Must be available to work 24 hour shift work, weekends and holidays.

 Ability to perform job duties during stressful situations.

 Ability to perform indoor and outdoor duties.

 Work in exposure to extreme cold or hot weather conditions.

 Hazards include proximity to moving mechanical parts, electrical current, exposure to high heat, exposure to chemicals.

 Potential exposure to HazMat materials, and blood borne pathogens.

 May be subjected to atmospheric conditions including fumes, odors, dust, gases, or poor ventilation.

 Requires daily local travel.

This job description purpose is to indicate the types of tasks and difficulty levels needed for this position. It is not intended to state specific duties and responsibilities or to limit the control of a supervisor to assist, direct or assign work of employees under their supervision. This document will not exclude other duties not stated herein. 


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