Business Manager, Youth Ministry Director, OFFICE AND TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT

O'FALLON UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST   O FALLON, IL   Part-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on August 5, 2022




The Youth Ministry Director is responsible for creating and administrating the Junior and Senior High Youth (grades 5th-12th) Fellowship programs which encourage spiritual growth.  The Youth Ministry Director will be supervised by the Pastor and will report to the Board of Christian Education and Consistory. 



  • A minimum of two years of college and minimum age of 21. 
  • Knowledge and experience working with youth 5th – 12th grades.
  • An ability to communicate not only with youth but with their parents
  • An ability to lead and guide youth in 5th – 12th grades.
  • Knowledgeable in the use of computers and software (Microsoft Office, email etc.).



The Youth Director will develop, coordinate and supervise the Youth Fellowship programs that encourage the youth of the congregation to grow spiritually and socially. These programs shall be with conducted with in the guidelines of the church and under the direction of the Pastor and the Board of Christian Education.   



  • Work with and through Board of Christian Education to develop a Youth Fellowship program, with an Advisory Group or other means.
  • Coordinate and supervise at least two activities per month.
  • Responsible for recruiting youth in 5th -12th grades into the program.  
  • Recruit parental leadership for youth program that nurtures and integrates the youth and their families into the life and mission of the church.
  • Ensure that the Youth Programs are conducted in accordance with the church’s Safe Child Policies.
  • Maintain an up to date list of youth participants and their contact information.  
  • Maintain regular communication with the youth and their families.
  • Responsible for advertising youth events in the Visitor, bulletins, via email and by other means as deemed effective.
  • Provide events which encourage spiritual growth through a ministry of fellowship and service opportunities.
  • Attend Board of Christian Education at their scheduled meetings, upon request.
  • Submit a written report of youth activities/attendance at events to the Consistory and to the Board of Christian Education prior to their monthly meetings.
  • Refer the pastoral care needs of the youth and their families to the Pastor.
  • Prepare a spending plan proposal/budget request and staff report for the Annual Report.
  • Maintain records of financial expenses/youth program spending, Youth checking account, and all fund/budget activity.    



 A Performance Evaluation will be conducted by the Pastor and Personnel Committee or representatives of the Board of Christian Education.  Informal evaluations will be held as needed.


HOURS AND COMPENSATION:   This is a part-time salaried position anticipating about 15-20 hours per month.  Compensation is determined by the Consistory. 




The Assistant is a very responsible position supervised by the Business Manager who sets the overall scope of duties and assigns work. Members of the Consistory, church committee chairpersons, Sunday School leadership, and heads of other church organizations may also request service.  The position requires utmost confidentiality concerning information and communications about church matters, members, families and staff. This position could be split between two individuals if appropriate.


  • High school diploma required with additional post-high school coursework preferred.
  • General experience in working within an office environment, including secretarial, receptionist, and files maintenance.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively and courteously communicate orally and in writing.
  • Significant knowledge of, and experience in using, office and media related technology.
    • Examples include Microsoft Office applications, especially Powerpoint, Zoom, email, and internet resources.
    • Examples of media work include integrating files, scripts, photos, and web resources into final presentations and documents.


  • Assist the Business Manager in performing the assignments outlined in the attached “Business Manager and Office Staff Tasks List.” Stay abreast of Church business and needs. Perform needed duties in the absence of the Business Manager.
  • Serve as the key technology liaison and specialist in the office.
  • Maintain equipment.
  • Inventory and place orders for related supplies/equipment.
  • Work with vendors as needed.
  • Create the PowerPoint presentation for worship and for any other events approved by the Business Manager or Pastor.
  • Use independence and creativity to supplement visuals.
  • Integrate texts, photographs, sound, and web resources.
  • Prepare scripts for camera operator, sound operator, and Stream Team members. Email scripts to team members.
  • Schedule and supervise the Stream Team in coordination with the Business Manager.
  • Print bulletins for each service in coordination with presentation scripts.
  • Maintain the Church website and Facebook presence.
  • Update the electronic sign as needed. Seek vendor assistance if necessary.


This position is supervised by the Business Manager and evaluated on an ongoing basis with specific evaluations if needed.


This position requires 16 to 20 hours weekly.  Because it is specialized and required every week, it may be shared by two people to accommodate overlap for absences. Specific hours will be as determined by the needs of the Church.

Some opportunity may exist to work from home, subject to supervisory approval.

Compensation is determined annually by the Consistory for approval at the congregation’s annual meeting.


(Formerly Administrative Assistant)

The Business Manager is a highly responsible position supervised by to the Pastor who sets the overall
scope of required duties and assigns work. Members of the Consistory, church committee chairpersons,
Sunday School leadership and heads of other church organizations may also request assistance.
Guidance in setting priorities and problem solving may be obtained from the Pastor. The position
generally requires utmost confidentiality concerning information and communications concerning
church matters, congregational members and their families, and staff.

 High school diploma required with additional college coursework preferred.
 Two years of general experience working with significant independence in an office
environment, preferably with supervisory responsibility.
 Ability to perform routine secretarial tasks.
 Demonstrated ability to effectively and courteously communicate in orally and in writing.
Demonstrated ability to use office technology including software, Microsoft Office applications (For
example, Word, Powerpoint, databases), internet resources, and other current applications for email
and voice.

 Perform routine supervision and management of the Church Office including the Office and
Technology Assistant. Monitor office staff schedules and the overall Church calendar. Pass
pertinent information on Church activities and operational matters to Pastor and staff members,
e.g., events, work needs, schedules.
 Maintain and daily monitor the Church calendar.
 Perform routine monitoring of Nursery and Janitorial staff, passing tasks and information to
them and ensuring appropriate staffing and activities as needed.
 Perform receptionist duties including answering telephone; taking, responding to, and
distributing messages and email; and managing communications to members, group leaders,
vendors, etc.
 Coordinate and recruit volunteers for church activities as necessary.
 File and maintain church and Consistory records and documents.
 Maintain inventory of supplies and place orders as necessary.
 Perform secretarial functions to include typing and preparation of correspondence, documents,
report and spreadsheets, and preparation and receipt of paper and electronic mail.

 Monitor and maintain email account including receiving and responding to messages and
forward as necessary. Maintain the mailbox system. Maintain the email address database.
 Establish and maintain the congregational database.
 Ensure the Church website is up to date and the exterior sign is current. Ensure the Assistant
maintains Constant Contact and Facebook.
 Stay abreast of office and associated technology to include computers, peripherals, audiovisual
applications, etc.
 Generally ensure the tasks in the “Duties and Responsibilities” are completed as needed.
 Assume temporarily the duties of other office staff as needed in their absence.
 Stay abreast of Church business, events, staff needs etc.

The Business Manager is responsible to the Pastor and ultimately, the Consistory. Performance will be
evaluated on an ongoing basis. The Pastor and Personnel Committee may conduct official evaluations as

The Business Manager is a part-time hourly position normally requiring 16 to 20 hours per week, but the
number of hours will be determined by the needs of the church. A week of unpaid leave is authorized.
Compensation is determined by Consistory and approved at the congregation’s annual meeting.