NATIONAL MAINTENANCE & REPAIR   HARTFORD, IL   Full-time     Manufacturing / Production / Operations
Posted on March 10, 2023


Performs a variety of skilled welding of steel plate and pipe in the repair and/or construction of marine vessels and associated equipment.  Outside working conditions with fumes, chemicals, and dust.

The individual assigned to this position must, with or without reasonable accommodation, be able to perform welder functions.

Primary Functions and Duties

  1. Comprehend blueprints, sketches and templates.
  2. Enter rounds manholes with inside diameter of 18 inches and work in internally confined spaces.
  3. Manipulate and transport loads of up to 100 pounds over distances of up to 200 feet, approximately 15 times during each 8-hour shift.
  4. Manipulate and operate all machines and tools essential to the performance of the position of welder such as:

                        Sledgehammer           Welding hood             Leaf brake

                        Welding leads             Welding rods              Welder

                        Cutting torch               Gloves                         Oxygen/Acetylene gauges

  1. Traverse gangways and scaffolding at varying heights; negotiate uneven heights between dock and vessel; and negotiate uneven surfaces.
  2. Maneuver around 30-inch obstructions and 24 inch frames.
  3. Bending and stooping while manipulating various sizes and weights, approximately 40-50 times per shift.

Other Functions

            Comprehend Material Safety Data Sheets

            Comprehend and follow confined space policies.

            Any other duty as directed by management.