Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

PO Box 658
Mackinaw City , MI


Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping
Mackinaw City, MI Full-time
Posted on October 18, 2019

Mechanic wanted to assist in repair and maintenance of tractors, mowers, chain saws, automobiles, welding, and heavy equipment to name a few.  To apply, for this year-round position with benefits at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping call or email 231-436-7380,


Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, we learned, is a family-owned campground that has seen generations of families pass through and vacation for over half a century. The over 200 acres of land and leisure were built on the American dream, one couple’s vision turned into a reality through dedication and persistence. Richard and Rose Rogala’s legacy has been passed down to their sons who have in turn begun to pass the baton to their children.

Today, family members, locals, and work campers make up the campground staff, completing projects and servicing guests from spring’s end to fall’s beginning. There are always additions and improvements going on year round, another testament to the resolved commitment of keeping Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping a memorable, safe haven for future generations of campers!