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Centralia , IL

Paramedics and EMTs

Lifestar Ambulance Service
Centralia, IL Full-time
Posted on July 31, 2018

Hiring PARAMEDICS and EMT's full and part-time shifts are available. Vacation, group health insurance, 401-K retirement, dental & vision insurance are also available. Education assistance and sign on bonuses are available for certain positions. Please contact DISPATCH at 1-800-541-9180 for an application and to schedule and interview in person ONLY at Lifestar Ambulance Service, 940 North Elm, Centralia during normal business hours. Lifestar Ambulance provides Paramedic ambulance service available in all divisions. You can also apply online at EOE


Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. is a proprietary (privately owned) professional ambulance service, which offers emergency and non-emergency ambulance and transfer services to the sick, elderly, wounded, or incapacitated on a per call for fee basis. Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. operates under the guidelines of its Board of Directors, President/CEO, managers of each division, and crew chiefs.

The owners and managers believe in the following principles and dedicate their work toward this end:

Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way as for age, sex, race, or religion.

Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. believes that all persons, regardless of age, disability, sex, race, religion, or ability to pay are entitled to the best possible ambulance service and care that modem science has available and that care is and will be provided each individual while they are under our immediate care.

Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. policy is that every person that calls upon our company for service is an individual and as such has a right to expect his/her personal privacy. Please pay close attention to our privacy policies in later section.

That even though Lifestar Ambulance Service, Inc. is a for-profit, privately owned Ambulance Company; it dedicates itself to giving the very best service at an equitable cost to its patients.


 The company was founded in 1973 in Centralia, Illinois and later expanded to Alton in 1979 and later to Springfield and Jacksonville in 1988.